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    GHI Mortgage is your “quick close” specialist. As direct lenders, we underwrite, process, and fund most mortgage loans in-house, meaning you don’t have to wait to get the funding you need. This doesn’t just speed up the lending process. Faster closings are more affordable and hassle-free, so you can get your mortgage without the high cost or the headache. Getting into a new home is a cinch when you choose GHI Mortgage.


    We have a wide range of offerings, including conventional, VA, and FHA residential mortgages. This allows us to find the best rate and program for your needs. We look at your specific situation and match you up to the product that makes the most sense for you. While some companies take a one-size-fits-all approach to mortgage lending, we customize the process, ensuring we offer competitive rates for each customer we serve.


    GHI Mortgage’s business model is built on integrity, professionalism, and respect, and that allows us to form personal relationships with our customers. We want to be your lender for life, and that desire shines through with each interaction. Just like a good friend, we want what’s best for you, and we will work tirelessly to find it. We are as excited about your new home as you are, so let us help you.

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    Whether you are a first-time homebuyer wanting to find the best rate for your mortgage, a current homeowner stuck in a high-interest loan, or a seasoned buyer wanting to make the process as simple as possible, GHI Mortgage can help.

    With quick turn-times, responsiveness of staff in addressing questions as they arise, and commitment to a seamless transaction from beginning to end for each and every client is what makes us different. Our easy-to-use process has made us the “lender for life” for many of our customers.

    When you use GHI Mortgage, you are more than a credit score or an income. You are a person with hopes and dreams, many of which are tied into your new home or interest rate.

    We look at the whole picture when determining the best lending product for your needs, ensuring that are you pleased with the outcome. Then, we will process the loan quickly so you can walk into the home’s closing with confidence, knowing your dream home is just a signing away.

    If you want competitive rates, quick financing, and a true partner in your closing, GHI Mortgage is the clear choice. We can’t wait to become your lender for life.

    Very helpful, patient, informative and assisted me in every step. Informs me if there's a change or need to submit a document. Works with my schedule and they don't pressure me.
    Ross Bautista
    GHI Mortgage helped us find a home that was affordable for my family as well as taking the time to make sure we found a safe community to raise our child in. I highly recommend them for anybody that needs a mortgage company that will take the time to provide what your needs are in looking for a home
    May Rosal
    Buying property has always been a goal of mine and the process can be demanding and stressful, especially for a first time home buyer like myself. Luckily, I was able to find a realtor and lender who I felt comfortable with. I had meetings with several lenders and GHI Mortgage made the loan process extremely easy and their rates were great!! My loan officer, Luz Labsan answered every question and concern I had. I will definitely refer all friends and family to GHI Mortgage. They made it easy for me and with no issues. They’re my lender for life!!
    Derek Guiang
    Very professional and easy to do business with this company. Very well worth advise when to refi your house. Loved the owner Luz Labsan, easy to talk to and treats everyone who works with her like a family. Will do business with them again. Highly recommended.
    Michelle Lopez-Liwag
    GHI Mortgage took care of my mortgage loan when I bought our house back in 2014 here in Temecula, and my recent refinance in 2018. Everything was done smoothly and in a timely manner. Every bit of information that I need to know that will impact our decision making was explained clearly and completely, no surprises and false promises. We got the house we wanted, the best rate that we can get that is available to us and again based on an trustworthy information presented to us and most of all the excellent service that we experience during the process of our loan. I am thumbs up with my loan officer, Ms. Luz Labsan, my loan processor, Ms. Carina Ronquillo and my realtor too, Mr. Gian Labsan. Thank you so much for making our dream to own a house come true without a struggle in payments.I trust GHI Mortgage with my mortgage needs. And truly you can call it your "Lender for life" because you will not look for another once you experience their excellent service..
    Arthur Lopez
    GHI Mortgage did an outstanding job of taking care of my families needs when we purchased our home. They were excellent with finding what suited our family the best along with guiding us in finding the perfect home. I highly recommend GHI Mortgage to anyone in the San Diego County when it comes to finding a home. Thank You GHI mortgage for providing us with our home!
    Sidney R.

    Meet The Team


    When Luz Fernandez-Labsan arrived in San Diego, she brought more than her luggage and her military husband. She also brought a dream of working in the mortgage industry. She managed to get into the business as a loan processor, using the money earned from her job to help her growing family pay its bills. Luz quickly stood out as someone who has a mind for the industry, and her employer started giving her more tasks. As she took on more responsibilities, she learned more and more about the industry. She quickly realized what worked well and what improvements could be made.
    She brought that knowledge with her when she became a loan officer, and then moved up again as a mortgage broker. Finally, she made her way all the way up to become a mortgage banker. This allowed her to control the process by originating and closing the loans in-house.
    It was a fast ascent for Luz, but she never lost touch of what got her into the industry in the first place. From her very first day on the job as a loan processor, it’s always been about the families who are trying to realize the dream of home ownership while struggling to make ends meet. The mortgage industry helped her by giving her a job when she was facing hard times, and now, she is repaying that debt by helping struggling families close on their home loans.
    This people-centric approach has helped GHI Mortgage build a loyal fan base. Many of the customers are referrals and repeat clients, creating a family-like atmosphere at the mortgage company.
    The company has managed to take care of that family by focusing on sustainability. GHI Mortgage is an “A-paper” lender, which allows it to grow steadily. This approach has helped GHI Mortgage survive the subprime lending crisis of 2007-2010. Being an “A-paper” lender does not mean that GHI Mortgage doesn’t assist potential buyers, though. Luz has implemented various programs, such as down payment and closing cost assistance to help buyers who would normally have trouble financing a home.
    Throughout Luz’s successful career, she has never lost sight of the community she serves. Along with helping first-time homebuyers, GHI Mortgage engages in volunteer opportunities, provides educational outreach, and more.
    Luz had a dream of building a different type of mortgage company, and it’s clear she has succeeded. GHI Mortgage puts the people first, realizing Luz’s dream of helping people get into homes they love.





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    Trusted. Experienced. Secure.

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