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Luz Fernandez-Labsan

Luz Fernandez-Labsan portrait
Miramar Branch
(858) 945-3277
NMLS #235492 DRE #1207752



When Luz Fernandez-Labsan arrived in San Diego, she brought more than her luggage and her military husband. She also brought a dream of working in the mortgage industry. She managed to get into the business as a loan processor, using the money earned from her job to help her growing family pay its bills. Luz quickly stood out as someone who has a mind for the industry, and her employer started giving her more tasks. As she took on more responsibilities, she learned more and more about the industry. She quickly realized what worked well and what improvements could be made.

She brought that knowledge with her when she became a loan officer, and then moved up again as a mortgage broker. Finally, she made her way all the way up to become a mortgage banker. This allowed her to control the process by originating and closing the loans in-house.

It was a fast ascent for Luz, but she never lost touch of what got her into the industry in the first place. From her very first day on the job as a loan processor, it’s always been about the families who are trying to realize the dream of home ownership while struggling to make ends meet. The mortgage industry helped her by giving her a job when she was facing hard times, and now, she is repaying that debt by helping struggling families close on their home loans.

This people-centric approach has helped GHI Mortgage build a loyal fan base. Many of the customers are referrals and repeat clients, creating a family-like atmosphere at the mortgage company.

The company has managed to take care of that family by focusing on sustainability. GHI Mortgage is an “A-paper” lender, which allows it to grow steadily. This approach has helped GHI Mortgage survive the subprime lending crisis of 2007-2010. Being an “A-paper” lender does not mean that GHI Mortgage doesn’t assist potential buyers, though. Luz has implemented various programs, such as down payment and closing cost assistance to help buyers who would normally have trouble financing a home.

Throughout Luz’s successful career, she has never lost sight of the community she serves. Along with helping first-time homebuyers, GHI Mortgage engages in volunteer opportunities, provides educational outreach, and more.

Luz had a dream of building a different type of mortgage company, and it’s clear she has succeeded. GHI Mortgage puts the people first, realizing Luz’s dream of helping people get into homes they love.



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